Maplestory Launched A Creative Chair Design Contest

As the MapleStory V updates are on their way, Maplestory V official asked our gamers to design a chair for Maplestory V. The contest runs to December 30th, 2016 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. Here are some details… Read More

Maplestory: Registering V Update For Free 5th Job Power Pack

Yesterday, Maplestory official announced a big event for the upcoming 5th Job Advancement. Join the V Registration Event to receive your free 5th Job Power Pack! Visit the MapleStory V Update Microsite and sign up for the event… Read More

Maplestory: The 5th Job Key Features

After nearly a decade wait, Maplestory finally releases its class-wide 5th Job Advancement update. Come December 15, Nexon will be releasing the “V” update — or as they put it, the game’s “largest update in nearly a decade.”… Read More

MapleStory: New 5th Job Skills Will Be Introduced A Week Later

Are you ready to take your character into the next level? MapleStory, the free-to-play, 2D, side-scrolling massively multiplayer online role-playing game, has released the much-anticipated 5th Job Advancement that will entirely change the gameplay of MapleStory. The patch… Read More

Maplestory: Considering Future 5th Job Skills

What skill do you want or expect to come in the future for your class? What could add something good to your class that reflect some of it’s playstyle? A veteran gamer wish the producers could add maybe… Read More

MapleStory 2: West Version Will Be Launched Soon

Nexon shared on its Web site the opening for the vacancy of ‘Product Manager’ for MapleStory 2 for the El Segundo office in California. Generally when game producers open job openings, it is an important indication that a… Read More

Maplestory News: Thanksgiving Day Events

Yesterday, Nexon released a good news for Maplestory, the Thanksgiving Day Events! Wednesday, November 9 – Tuesday, November 29 Thanksgiving! Turkeys are starting to appear near Henesys, Mu Lung, Leafre, and other major towns! If you hunt these… Read More

MapleStory 2 Tips And Tricks: Talents Acquire Guide

Are you searching for methods to gain talents in Maplestory 2? This article would give you some advices. Gain various talents by investing points into them. You will receive 10 points upon reaching Level 50. CHARACTER TALENT Effect… Read More

Maplestory 2 Prediction: The US Version Release Date

It’s still mystery either MapleStory 2 release for North America, Europe and other Global countries. Definitely, Maplestory 2 gonna release for the western countries but till no release date confirm. Most of the rumors say Maplestory 2 start… Read More

MapleStory 2 Tips On Farming Crystal And Blue Star

This article will help you complete daily to earn crystal and blue star rewards in MapleStory 2. Hope this page will save your time. MapleStory 2 Striker in Cherry Blossom PQ (Level 16 Party Quest) Note: Can solo… Read More