Maplestory: The 5th Job Key Features

After nearly a decade wait, Maplestory finally releases its class-wide 5th Job Advancement update. Come December 15, Nexon will be releasing the “V” update — or as they put it, the game’s “largest update in nearly a decade.”… Read More

Maplestory News: Thanksgiving Day Events

Yesterday, Nexon released a good news for Maplestory, the Thanksgiving Day Events! Wednesday, November 9 – Tuesday, November 29 Thanksgiving! Turkeys are starting to appear near Henesys, Mu Lung, Leafre, and other major towns! If you hunt these… Read More

MapleStory 2 Tips And Tricks: Talents Acquire Guide

Are you searching for methods to gain talents in Maplestory 2? This article would give you some advices. Gain various talents by investing points into them. You will receive 10 points upon reaching Level 50. CHARACTER TALENT Effect… Read More

MapleStory 2: Instructions Of Nexon Cash Top-up

Do you want to top-up Nexon Cash for Maplestory 2? Follow these steps. First thing you should to do is login to your Nexon account at the official MapleStory2 website. Once you are logged in follow the step… Read More

Other Changes: The Maplestory World Merge And Service Migration

As we mentioned last article, Nexon America will begin to service European MapleStory players in addition to existing players around the world from On November 10th. For current Global MapleStory players, you will now have the choice to… Read More

MapleStory 2 Will Availiable In China Soon

Published by Tencent Games, MapleStory 2 is going to kick off its first Closed Beta in China. Since it’s a small-scale test, it’s very hard to get beta key even in China. As you know MS2 has been… Read More

The Journey Of Turtle Thief Sets In Maplestory 2

Recently, KnockoutSushi released two videos of Maplestory 2, which belong a Youtube Series that he will be working on. Now we will show it to you. Hopefully you enjoy the content, these video should be real and give… Read More

The Release Of 5th Jobs For MapleStory 2 Has Been Confirmed

As we know that Maplestory 2 attracted plenty of fans years ago before it came out, and now Maplestory 2 has been come to us for long time, especially for KMS. We can only play KMS so far… Read More

MapleStory 2: The Pros And Cons Of Bowman

MapleStory 2 is the sequel to the highly successful 2D MMORPG MapleStory, although its story takes place many years prior to the events of MapleStory. As we know, there are many different classes in the game, and each… Read More

MapleStory 2 KnightKnight

  It is all Knights’ responsibility to charge forward in battle and protect those behind them. While blocking enemies’ unstoppable attacks, they strike enemies at the perfect moment with their fast and skillful swordsmanship. The Royal Guard, under… Read More