A higher level means faster and more powerful attacks

Possessing both dexterity and strength, the Bowman is a class that strikes at foes with pin-point accuracy. For the Bowman, a higher level means faster and more powerful attacks . The Bowman also displays strength and agility in… Read More

MapleStory Game on the big revision

From drastic changes to the chaos, Yuejin! Dear Warriors, and the rebirth of the legendary teamed onslaught, side by side with the rise of Kagemusha defend justice into the fate joint knights to defend the world, peer temporarily… Read More

Evolution of Combat Launches 20th November!

For further information on the Evolution of Combat Release, see the following news items: Survey Results One-Click Combat Upcoming Changes Skilling After five months of feedback and fine-tuning, the time is finally here: we’re hugely excited to be… Read More

There is a neat feature that lets you only allow a connection from certain ip.

If the hackers gained access to the database, then they would be able to do whatever they want. The character data, account data and the notices/news/events on the maple story website are all in that database; they would… Read More