MapleStory Game on the big revision

From drastic changes to the chaos, Yuejin! Dear Warriors, and the rebirth of the legendary teamed onslaught, side by side with the rise of Kagemusha defend justice into the fate joint knights to defend the world, peer temporarily say goodbye to embrace paved the way to victory, even if the storm hit, we have to force the world to the hearts of infinite power of the guardian MapleStory “detonation shock (Big Bang)

Cause huge changes due to the impact brought by the resurrection of the black magician MapleStory world, not only the original map of the terrain has changed, even with the ability of other monsters and the role itself also followed changes, which is currently the largest since time change. Total is divided into three stages: “With the time changes in / power balance began to collapse / dark forces on this outbreak! / Black magician / powerful force shrouded world of MapleStory / forget the past Maple Valley / work together, united change and chaos of battle / action against black magician / emerging / 5 years of peace on this end / Islands of Adventure / shock in Asia “.

First stage: map terrain changed game interface changes, monsters and the role of the ability to change, to reduce the upgrade experience required value. (Korean: July 8, 2010, Taiwan: December 22, 2010 [v1.24])

The second stage: to add new vocational Department – Doomsday Resistance Army and the occupation of the village – Edelstein. (Korean: July 22, 2010, Taiwan: December 29, 2010 [v1.25])

The third stage: open doomsday Rebel new career – mech Ares. (Korean: August 12, 2010, Taiwan: January 19, 2011 [v1.26])

Chinese mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao on December 22, 2010 December 17, 2010, open the Big Bang. After detonation shock revision, the mainland’s official website this made called “Adventure Island 2.0, while Taiwan will be the name of the game changed to” Adventure Island “.