A higher level means faster and more powerful attacks

Possessing both dexterity and strength, the Bowman is a class that strikes at foes with pin-point accuracy.

For the Bowman, a higher level means faster and more powerful attacks . The Bowman also displays strength and agility in areas with varied terrain.

After the 2nd Job Advancement, the Bowman learns weapon-specific skills that help decimate enemies from afar.Maplestory Mesos.

The Bowman’s hometown is Henesys, located in the southern hills of Victoria Island. At level 10, go see Athena Pierce in Bowman Instructional School to learn how to become a Bowman.

Dexterity (DEX): Dexterity is by far the most important characteristic for a Bowman. It’s the primary statistic used in calculating ranged weapon damage and the chance that you will hit your opponents. Most of your Ability points should go into DEX.

Strength (STR): Strength is a secondary characteristic for Bowmen because certain pieces of equipment require a certain level of STR in order to use them.

Pro Tip: The distribution of Ability Points is very important for a Bowman and there are many opinions on the proper way to distribute Ability Points. It’s recommended you seek out the advice of fellow players when building your Bowman.