Which Class To Play with Least Active Buffs – Maplestory

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MapleStory 2 KnightKnight

  It is all Knights’ responsibility to charge forward in battle and protect those behind them. While blocking enemies’ unstoppable attacks, they strike enemies at the perfect moment with their fast and skillful swordsmanship. The Royal Guard, under… Read More

How to become a rich man in Maplestory

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Cheap MapleStory Mesos where I can buy?

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Where can I buy legitimate MapleStory Mesos?

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In Maplestory the abilities of the Empress problems

Many players asked us about the empress problems. We have collected some data and would like to share with all of you. HP Recovery: As soon as her health suffers significant damage she will heal her HP 30%… Read More

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Why do players still have a special liking to MapleStory

For beginners, the novice task for familiar with the game, the accumulation of the initial capital are very helpful. This game of novice task system from the perspective of real player, patience and meticulous instructions and interesting test… Read More

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