Maplestory: The 5th Job Key Features

After nearly a decade wait, Maplestory finally releases its class-wide 5th Job Advancement update. Come December 15, Nexon will be releasing the “V” update — or as they put it, the game’s “largest update in nearly a decade.”… Read More

MapleStory 2: West Version Will Be Launched Soon

Nexon shared on its Web site the opening for the vacancy of ‘Product Manager’ for MapleStory 2 for the El Segundo office in California. Generally when game producers open job openings, it is an important indication that a… Read More

MapleStory Game on the big revision

From drastic changes to the chaos, Yuejin! Dear Warriors, and the rebirth of the legendary teamed onslaught, side by side with the rise of Kagemusha defend justice into the fate joint knights to defend the world, peer temporarily… Read More

Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your MapleStory experience

All character classes are currently open for creation, but not for long! Create the characters you want to play while you can, because on February 27, the following characters and jobs are going away: Luminous Kaiser Angelic Buster… Read More

mapleStory mesos in the history of most BT career devil come on February here!

As the strongest corps of black magician the maplestory mesos demon hunter, he was pledging his allegiance to the “master” to take away loved ones, the seeds of hatred is deeply rooted in his heart, revenge, to destroy… Read More

Community Round-Up: 02/11

Thanksgiving Fun Thanksgiving may not be for another few weeks, but that hasn’t stopped us already getting into the spirit of things. In a RuneScape first, we’re offering you the chance to choose your own Thanksgiving-related title that… Read More