MapleStory Game on the big revision

From drastic changes to the chaos, Yuejin! Dear Warriors, and the rebirth of the legendary teamed onslaught, side by side with the rise of Kagemusha defend justice into the fate joint knights to defend the world, peer temporarily… Read More

Beginners start on Maple Island

The Beginner is an Explorer-in-training who’s learning about the Maple World and preparing for the grand adventures ahead. Beginners start on Maple Island, but head to Victoria Island for Job Advancement to officially begin their adventure. Beginners are… Read More

Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your MapleStory experience

All character classes are currently open for creation, but not for long! Create the characters you want to play while you can, because on February 27, the following characters and jobs are going away: Luminous Kaiser Angelic Buster… Read More

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Maple Story Mesos is the in game currency earned by killing monsters

Maple Story Mesos is the in-game currency earned by killing monsters, completing quests and trading extra items with other players and . Players can earn more Maple Story Mesos by setting up a private shop and trade items…. Read More

For your MS Powerleveling

Do you wish your maplestory account was high level ?Is the lack of your training time on maplestory due to your studies, work, or sleep? Why not spend a little bit of money to hire maplestory experts to… Read More

MapleStory mesos in the history of most BT career

As the strongest corps of black magician themaplestory mesosdemon hunter, he was pledging his allegiance to the “master” to take away loved ones, the seeds of hatred is deeply rooted in his heart, revenge, to destroy the black… Read More

We are considered to be a lot of fun to play maplestory mesos

Players assault utilizing melee weaponry, therefore they need to wake up near to their own opponents. They are regarded as probably the most effective melee assailants from later on work breakthroughs, if you such as getting out of… Read More