What Can We Do in the COD MW3 Zombies Game?

What Can We Do in the COD MW3 Zombies Game?

The time limit for each match in COD MW3 Zombies is 60 minutes, out of which players have 45 minutes of free roaming time. So, what are the things that players can do in the limited time per match? Below, we will give you a detailed overview of what you can do in each match in COD MW3 Zombies, which will help you better use your game time.

Things players can do in MWZ

These are the things below that players can do once they get into COD MW3 Zombies, which can provide us with tons of rewards. If you want to get these rewards more easily, you can buy MWZ Boosting, which can help us.

Complete Contracts

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Zombies, there are eight different contracts that players can complete to earn rewards, such as XP, Essence, Perks, and more. These contracts are mini-missions that players can undertake while playing Zombies Mode in MW3. Each contract provides a specific task, and upon completion, players receive a reward, often in the form of random items that can aid in killing zombies. Completing contracts is one of the best ways to earn Essence, essential for purchasing aids such as Perks, the mystery box, pack-a-punch, and Field Upgrades.

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Raid Strongholds

There are multiple types of strongholds in MW3 Zombies, including Mercenary Strongholds, Infested Strongholds, and Aether Nests. Mercenary Strongholds require a key to enter, which can be obtained by raiding Mercenary Camps or Convoys or purchased from a Buy Station. These strongholds contain valuable loot and Essence, essential for upgrading weapons and enhancing the gameplay experience.

Legacy Fortress is one of the challenging strongholds in MW3 Zombies, requiring players to acquire a keycard, raid a Mercenary Stronghold, crack open the stronghold safe, and defeat the Legacy Boss. Raiding strongholds and completing contracts are integral to the MW3 Zombies mode, providing players with objectives and rewards to enhance their gameplay experience.

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Complete missions

There is a strong focus on completing missions for special rewards in COD MW3 Zombies, with a mystery reward for completing all three acts and the promise of an ongoing storyline at the launch of the first season.

Push into higher threat levels

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Zombies, players can push into higher threat levels as they progress through the game. The game features three tiers or circles of difficulty, each presenting unique challenges and zombie types:

  1. Low-Threat Zone: Players start in the low-threat zone, where zombies are more idle and easier to kill.
  2. Medium-Threat Zone: Moving inward brings players to the medium-threat level, which introduces various new zombie types and increases difficulty.
  3. High-Threat Zone: The center of the map is a brutal high-threat zone featuring the biggest and most brutal zombie types that will push players to their limits.

As players progress into higher threat levels, they face increasingly challenging gameplay and encounter more formidable zombie types, adding to the intensity and excitement of the MW3 Zombies experience.