Top Tips For Surviving In Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is a massive online multiplayer game with lots of content for you to explore. It’s filled with tons upon tons of missions, quests, PVP, and PVE activities that will take you at least 200 hours to complete. But surviving the Wasteland is no joke, as there are countless beasts lurking around and dangerous radioactive environments to tackle. On top of that, you’re always in a panic to check up on your hunger, thirst, and other needs. If you want to complete that, we will show some important tips that can help you avoid rage-quitting the game and have more fun in the game.

1. Keep Yourself Well Fed And Rich

Satisfying your hunger and thirst will give you bonuses such as disease resistance, AP regen, and more! It is recommended to loot everything from meat and water to junk while traveling. You can craft with these items later on. Visit crafting stations such as workbenches or cooking stations. Here, you can craft items from the junk you’ve collected. In addition, you can sell unwanted junk to vendors to earn more Fallout 76 Caps!

2. Watch Your Weight

Keep an eye on the weight of your character. Carrying too much items can result in your character becoming over-encumbered. Making them move slower and blocking fast travel to other areas. The Stash is found in your CAMP and will have a large carrying capacity. This will allow you to store many items that take up a lot of weight in your inventory. Be sure to visit the CAMP often to frequently free up space in your inventory. Also, your Power Armor will increase the weight of items that you can carry while exploring. Remember to have fusion cores, as Power Armors require these to operate!

3. Use Stimpaks Wisely

The Stimpack Diffuser is a very useful item for restoring health to multiple players at once. You can use the Stimpack Diffuser during combat to create a cloud that regenerates not just your health but also any allies nearby. But getting it is not easy, so beware of suddenly using a Stimpak at times since there is a button that will automatically use a Stimpak. Being careful will minimize the number of Stimpaks you use by accident.

4. Fast Travel When Needed

To fast-travel in Fallout 76, simply open the map and select any location you’ve already visited. Despite not offering a ‘fast travel’ button like other games, selecting any previously visited location should allow you to fast travel there. As mentioned, it’ll cost a handful of Fallout 76 Bottle Caps with the specific price dependent on how far you’re traveling, so it’ll probably be a good idea to use it sparingly – at least while you’re finding your feet in Appalachia.

5. Camp And Crafting

One of the most important aspects of surviving in Appalachia in Fallout 76 is using a CAMP, or Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform. This handy all-in-one tool will let you set up a campsite where you can build all sorts of stations, buildings, and resources. When building in your camp, you will need materials to make some structures. You can gather these resources by going to any workbench and scrapping the junk you’ve found while exploring!

6. Recommended Weapons And Explosives

To be the game’s trailblazer in Fallout 76, you need the best of the best weapons and explosives to beat the odds of survival as a must-have weapon in Fallout 76 is the Handmade rifle. The firearm ranks first for its impeccable damage and solid stats. Moreover, it offers a range of customization, making it the ultimate weapon against deadly enemies. While having a firearm can prove resourceful, having a few explosives for that surprise attack is ideal. If you find yourself in the middle of an ambush attack, Plasma Grenades can get you out of this rut fast enough.

7. Armor Mechanics

Armor is a useful piece of gear when you are out adventuring. They reduce either ballistic-type damage, radiation-type damage, or energy-type damage. Equipping them will make you tougher and let you absorb lots of hits. Also, make sure to have the right armors equipped for the enemies that you will face. For example, wearing leather armor against enemies with laser weapons will negate lots of damage for you. In addition, the condition of armor degrades as it takes more hits and time passes by. When the condition bar is empty, it will break, offering you no damage resistance. Make sure to repair these at armor workbenches!

8. Level Up Faster

One of the first things you may need to do is level up as fast as possible. These will help you equip higher-level Fallout 76 items in the game. Remember, there are a couple of really important things that can really speed up your grind, like intelligence boosts your XP gain; the more intelligence points you have, the higher the XP you get. Having a group allows you to take advantage of the “Inspirational” Perk card under Charisma, giving you a pretty insanely big XP boost. Sleeping for just 30 seconds gives you another 5% XP boost for 2 hours.

9. Level Up Your SPECIAL

In Fallout 76, SPECIAL serves as primary statistics that modify various derived statistics, such as Hit Points or Carry Weight. As SPECIAL goes up, so do these stats. In addition to passively increasing derived statistics, Perk Cards are abilities that you can give to your character after leveling up your SPECIAL attributes. These Perk Cards give you bonuses such as taking less rads, doing more damage with rifles, and more that will help make exploring the Wasteland easier for you!

It ends here. With these tips, you will survive for a long time in Fallout: 76.