Diablo 4: New Class Datamine, Unique Farm Trick, and Expansion Tease

In the world of Diablo 4, there’s always something new and exciting happening. From potential new classes to unique farming tricks, the game constantly evolves and offers players new ways to engage with its rich, dark fantasy world. Let’s delve into some of the latest updates and rumors swirling around in the Diablo 4 community.

New Class Datamine: The Crusader
A recent data mine has hinted at the possibility of introducing a new class to Diablo 4: the Crusader. The data mine revealed two specific nods, ‘skill ancient’ and ‘skill Justice’, that are not part of the current classes in the game. While ‘ancient’ could refer to anything, ‘Justice’ seems to link specifically to the well-known Diablo archetype, the Crusader. This isn’t definitive proof of the Crusader’s return, but it’s an exciting possibility. Especially considering there’s currently only one class in the game that can use a shield, adding another one makes sense.

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Unique Farm Trick: Follow the Rats
A surprising number of players have latched onto a unique farming trick: if there’s a rat in your dungeon, follow it and kill the enemies it runs towards for better loot. While this might seem silly, a surprising number of players seem to genuinely believe that this increases the quality of their loot drops. Whether this is a real trick or just a fun community myth, it’s certainly worth a try if you’re looking for a new way to farm loot.

Expansion Tease: The Book of Lorath
The Diablo Book of Lorath, which was released alongside Diablo 4, may have implications for future expansions. The book documents the journeys of Lorath, who is trying to find Narell after the cathedral turns on the Herodram and takes over the Herodrick Vault. The last known location of Lorath is the northernmost island in Sanctuary, which is notable as being the place where the wizard character in Diablo 3 was from. This could potentially hint at the location for a future expansion.

Warning: Nightmare Dungeons
A word of caution for players exploring nightmare dungeons: the harmless critters that roam these dungeons benefit from the dungeon’s affixes. This means that killing one of these creatures, like a rat or a deer, could trigger a lethal response. So, be aware and try to avoid an untimely death.