Diablo 4 Guide: Exploit the Broken XP & Loot Farm Now

Diablo 4 Guide: Exploit the Broken XP & Loot Farm Now

In Diablo 4, efficient farming of XP and loot is crucial for leveling up and gearing your character. The following guide will give you a detailed introduction to the effective method of obtaining XP and loot in Diablo 4.

The Dungeon: Mall Maul Goin’s Works

The Mall Maul Goin’s Works dungeon, regardless of your world tier or character level, is an excellent location for farming. The dungeon is generated, but it’s known for its high density of mobs, which can be challenging to kill but offer a significant amount of XP and loot.

The Strategy: Kill, Leave, Reset

The strategy is simple: enter the dungeon, kill the packs of mobs, and then leave without completing the dungeon. This method is faster than completing the entire dungeon, as the packs of mobs offer a high amount of XP and loot. After leaving, you can reset the dungeon and repeat the process. In this way, we can get many rewards in the game, including a large amount of Diablo 4 gold, which can help us become stronger.

Solo vs. Group Farming

While this method can be done solo, it’s performed in a group. In a group, you can use a party hopping method to reset the dungeon faster. If you’re solo, you can reset by leaving the dungeon, pressing “leave game,” and waiting for the 10-second timer.

The Build: Shadow Imbuement with Shadow Clone

The build used in the video is a Rogue build with Shadow Imbuement and Shadow Clone. The Shadow Clone provides Unstoppable, which is beneficial when dealing with the large packs of mobs in the dungeon. A link to the detailed build can be found in the video description.

The Loot: Unbelievable Amounts

The high density of mobs in this dungeon leads to many loot drops. While the XP gain might not seem large, considering the character’s level in the video, it’s more efficient than doing nightmare dungeons at the same level.

In conclusion, the Mall Maul Goin’s Works dungeon in Diablo 4 offers a broken method for farming XP and loot. By following the strategy outlined in this guide, you can level up and gear your character.

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