Marvel Future Fight CTP

Marvel Future Fight: The Best Heroes For Each CTP

The “CTP unequip event” offers players the opportunity to re-evaluate and optimize the use of their Custom Gear items in Marvel Future Fight. With the event drawing to a close, it’s an ideal time to update the top 10 character recommendations for each CTP tier, ensuring players are equipped with the best insights for their game strategies. Let’s dive into it!

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CTP of Insight

Usage: This CTP doesn’t require reforging but is significantly enhanced when reforged to Mighty or Brilliant levels. It’s ideal for both PvP (Player vs. Player) and PvE (Player vs. Environment) due to its dual focus.

Top Characters:

Nick Fury
(additional typical support characters)

CTP of Greed

Usage: Always needs to be reforged for effectiveness, aiming for the Ambush proc which is critical for PvP.

Top Characters:

Ghost Rider

CTP of Refinement

Usage: Reforging is necessary, preferably with a Vitality proc to enhance its defensive capabilities.

Top Characters:

Silver Surfer

CTP of Judgement

Usage: Reforging enhances this CTP but isn’t necessary; it is predominantly used for PvE.

Top Characters:

Scarlet Witch

CTP of Authority

Usage: Needs to be reforged to unlock its full potential, particularly aiming for the Steel proc.

Top Characters:

Doctor Doom
Jean Grey

CTP of Destruction

Usage: Reforging is essential, with a focus on the Strike proc to make the most of its capabilities in high-level PvE content.

Top Characters:

Captain Marvel
Black Widow

CTP of Energy

Usage: Effective both reforged and non-reforged, this CTP boosts characters who can make the most of damage procs.

Top Characters:

Beta Ray Bill

CTP of Regeneration

Usage: Reforging is crucial, particularly to maximize the penetration effect for PvP durability.

Top Characters:

Silver Surfer

CTP of Rage

Usage: Does not need reforging to be effective but benefits greatly from it for maximizing PvE output.

Top Characters:

Luna Snow
Doctor Strange

CTP of Conquest

Usage: Highly rare and powerful, requiring reforging to achieve the Clash effect, making it a top-tier choice for PvP.

Top Characters:

Silver Surfer
Doctor Doom

These recommendations serve as a guideline to help players make informed decisions on equipping their characters optimally. It’s important to remember that these suggestions are flexible, and players should feel free to experiment based on their play style and preferences.

Unveiling Diablo 4’s Season 3: Runes, Balance, and More

As we delve into the new year, Diablo 4 fans have exciting news to look forward to. The first significant update of the year for Diablo 4 has been announced, bringing with it a host of new content and changes. This article will provide an overview of the recent announcements and what they imply for the upcoming Season 3.

Unveiling Diablo 4's Season 3: Runes, Balance, and More

Season 3 Teaser: Runes and Evil Looming

A brief 15-second trailer for Season 3 has been released, hinting at the return of classic Diablo runes. These runes may serve as seasonal power-ups, potentially altering skills and gameplay significantly. Additionally, the phrase “evil looms” in the trailer could suggest new thematic elements or enemies, possibly involving mythological concepts like fate and destiny.

Developer Stream Announcement

An official developer stream has been scheduled for Thursday, January 18th at 9:00 AM Pacific. This is an hour earlier than usual, indicating a substantial amount of new information to be discussed. Adam Fletcher, the Global Community Development Director, has confirmed this early start due to the extensive content planned for the stream.

Topics to be Covered:

  • Season 3 Mechanics and Features: Expect detailed information about the new season, including mechanics, D4 items, and activities.
  • Class Updates and Balance Changes: Adam Jackson, the Lead Class Designer, will be discussing class updates and balance adjustments.
  • The Gauntlet: A new weekly resetting challenge dungeon, along with the introduction of proper leaderboards named the Hall of Ancients.

Additional Updates and Future Plans

  • Codex of Power Changes: These changes are confirmed to be in the pipeline, likely to be introduced in Season 4.
  • Ray Tracing Upgrade: Scheduled for March, this upgrade caters to players interested in enhanced graphics.
  • Patch Note Policies: Despite a slight delay due to the holiday season, the team remains committed to providing patch notes well ahead of updates.


With these announcements, Diablo 4’s Season 3 is shaping up to be an exciting phase for players. The developer stream promises a comprehensive look into what’s next, including new game mechanics, class balances, and continuous improvements. Whether it’s the intrigue of new seasonal themes or the anticipation of gameplay changes, Diablo 4 continues to evolve, offering new challenges and experiences for its dedicated player base.

Ball Lightning Debate: Sorcerer Imbalance in Diablo 4

As Diablo 4 evolves, so does the conversation around class balance and playability. Sorcerers, once kings of Season 2, have experienced a rollercoaster of changes, especially with the Abattoir of Zir impacting their dominance. This article delves into the community’s call for buffs, recent patches’ impact, and sorcery’s future in the game.

Ball Lightning Debate: Sorcerer Imbalance in Diablo 4

The Rise and Adjustments of Sorcerers

Sorcerers have enjoyed a prominent place in Diablo 4, particularly noted for their prowess in earlier seasons. However, with the introduction of the Abattoir of Zir and subsequent patches, their position has shifted. The recent patch 1.1 changed the sorcerer class, mainly focusing on buffs. Yet, the discussion isn’t just about buffs but the holistic experience of playing a sorcerer, balancing power with gameplay mechanics.

The Controversy of Ball Lightning

Ball lightning has become a central topic within the sorcerer community due to its significant damage output. Some argue it was buffed excessively, leading to an imbalance where sorcerers can obliterate enemies quickly, overshadowing other class issues like fragility. While the ability to one-shot enemies might feel empowering, it risks simplifying gameplay and ignoring deeper strategic elements of the class.

The Need for Seasonal Adjustments

As Diablo 4 approaches a new season, players are looking back to understand what changes are necessary for a balanced and enjoyable future. The game faces a potential “numbers arms race,” Many D4 items flood the player’s warehouse, where increasing power bloat necessitates ever-increasing challenges. Without careful adjustments, gameplay could become a mere test of numerical superiority rather than strategy and skill.

Core Issues and Potential Buffs for Sorcerers

While sorcerers have seen improvements, many feel that core issues persist. Suggestions include adding a third enchantment slot to increase creativity and build flexibility, addressing the class’s inherent squishiness, and reassessing skills like incinerate, frozen orb, and meteor. Each of these skills holds potential but is underutilized or lacks the support needed to make them viable mainstays in a sorcerer’s arsenal.

The Importance of Conjuration

Conjuration is another aspect where sorcerers could see significant enhancement. Current limitations on skills like Hydra and the overall effectiveness of conjuration abilities leave much to be desired. Players advocate for reimagining these skills, allowing for more dynamic and potent conjuration builds that don’t just serve as secondary support.


The discussion around sorcerers in Diablo 4 is multifaceted, touching on issues of balance, gameplay mechanics, and the future trajectory of the class. As players advocate for buffs and adjustments, it’s clear that the community is deeply invested in ensuring the sorcerer remains a compelling and viable class. The upcoming seasons present an opportunity for Blizzard to address these concerns, ideally leading to a game that continues to challenge and engage its players through thoughtful balance and exciting class dynamics.

Diablo 4’s Latest Update: Overview and Gameplay Insights

Diablo 4 has just released a new update, creating a buzz in the gaming community. This article delves into the recent changes, offering gameplay insights and a detailed analysis of the update’s impact.

Update Overview

The latest update in Diablo 4 brings significant changes to the game, particularly in terms of difficulty, Diablo 4 items for sale, and player experience. The developers have tweaked several aspects to make the game more accessible and enjoyable for a wider range of players. Our exploration begins with gameplay, providing a firsthand look at these adjustments.

Gameplay Experience Post-Update

Upon entering a tier five challenge post-update, the difference in difficulty is immediately noticeable. The game seems to have lowered the difficulty settings, making it less challenging and more enjoyable for players. This change is particularly beneficial for those with s-tier builds, as they can tackle higher tiers effortlessly.

XP and Game Mechanics

One of the significant changes in the update is the increase in glyph XP. For example, a tier-five challenge now offers significantly more XP than before, making it easier for players to level up their glyphs. This adjustment addresses one of the key concerns of the Diablo 4 community regarding the feasibility of leveling up new glyphs.

Patch Changes and Player Strategy

Analyzing the full patch notes, it’s clear that the developers aimed to balance the game better. The nerfing of monster damage across all tiers and adding more shrines are just a few examples. Players can now strategize differently, focusing on maximizing their glyph levels in a more realistic timeframe.

Monster Adjustments

The update also includes modifications to monster behaviors, such as the blood Seekers and suppressors. These changes impact the gameplay dynamics, offering new challenges and strategies for players to explore.

Impact on Hardcore Players

For hardcore Diablo 4 players, the update is a mixed bag. While it makes the game more accessible, it also simplifies some of the challenges hardcore players face. The balance between accessibility and maintaining a difficulty that satisfies all player segments is tricky.

Feedback and Future Updates

As a Diablo partner, providing feedback to Blizzard is crucial. While the update is a step in the right direction, there’s room for improvement, especially in ensuring that high-tier challenges yield the best gear, like 925 weapons.


Overall, the latest Diablo 4 update significantly shifts the game’s difficulty and player experience. It opens up new possibilities for casual and hardcore gamers, though it may require fine-tuning to satisfy all. As the community adapts to these changes, it will be interesting to see how Blizzard responds to feedback and what future updates will hold.

Unleash Fury: Top Barbarian Build for Diablo 4 Season 2

Diablo 4’s Season 2 has unleashed new possibilities for players, with the Barbarian class taking center stage. The game’s dynamic environment and intricate mechanics present unique challenges and opportunities. In this article, we’ll dive deep into a potent Barbarian build that stands out in Season 2, dissecting its components and strategies for dominating the game.

Unleash Fury: Top Barbarian Build for Diablo 4 Season 2

The Barbarian’s Rise to Power

Initially perceived as slow, the Barbarian class has dramatically shifted in Season 2. This new build, focusing on Hammer of the Ancients (HOTA), outpaces even the fastest builds from the previous season, including the Ball Lightning build. Without relying on Uber’s unique D4 items, this build decimates everything, including bosses, with impressive speed and efficiency.

Key Features of the Build

Speed and Efficiency: Outstripping other builds regarding mobility and damage output.
Tankiness: Near-constant fortified status ensures minimal damage intake during leveling.
Boss Annihilation: Capable of one-shotting bosses in nightmare dungeons and world boss encounters.
Enjoyable Leveling Experience: The build’s power makes the leveling process from 1 to 100 exhilarating.

Build Components

  • Helmet: Focus on attack speed, damage, and fury. The unique helmet offers aggressive resistance passives, enhancing damage reduction and cooldowns.
  • Chest and Gloves: Prioritize total armor, resistances, and aspects that increase armor and attack capabilities.
  • Pants and Boots: Look for damage reduction mods, resistances, and aspects that prolong berserking and cause bleeding, synergizing with Paragon board nodes.
  • Weapons: The bludgeoning weapon should be high-powered, focusing on stats like strength, overpower damage, and damage while berserking. Dual wield maces for increased crush damage.
  • Amulet and Rings: The Banished Lord’s Talisman and the Ring of the Red Furor are key for maximizing overpower damage and critical strikes.
  • Skill Tree and Paragon Board: Focus on enhancing HOTA, defensive skills, shouts, and critical aspects like Wrath of the Berserker and Unconstrained for sustained berserking.

Strategy and Gameplay

Offensive Tactics

  • Activate all shouts and Wrath of the Berserker before engaging.
  • Use evade to replenish fury, enhanced with the Tibault’s Will unique pants.
  • Employ HOTA for devastating strikes, especially against bosses.

Defensive Focus

For nightmare dungeon Tier 100 and potential pinnacle content:

  • Balance offense with strong defense.
  • Utilize aspects and gear mods that enhance damage reduction significantly when injured.
  • Prioritize fortify-related stats and aspects for sustained tankiness.

Gem Selection

  • Sapphire gems on armor for damage reduction.
  • Ruby gems on weapons for overpowering damage.
  • Skull gems on amulets and rings for added armor.


Diablo 4’s Season 2 Barbarian HOTA build offers a thrilling and powerful gameplay experience. With a blend of speed, power, and resilience, this build allows players to tackle the most challenging content confidently. Whether you’re leveling up, farming bosses, or exploring high-tier nightmare dungeons, this Barbarian build is a formidable force in Diablo 4’s ever-evolving landscape.

What Can We Do in the COD MW3 Zombies Game?

What Can We Do in the COD MW3 Zombies Game?

The time limit for each match in COD MW3 Zombies is 60 minutes, out of which players have 45 minutes of free roaming time. So, what are the things that players can do in the limited time per match? Below, we will give you a detailed overview of what you can do in each match in COD MW3 Zombies, which will help you better use your game time.

Things players can do in MWZ

These are the things below that players can do once they get into COD MW3 Zombies, which can provide us with tons of rewards. If you want to get these rewards more easily, you can buy MWZ Boosting, which can help us.

Complete Contracts

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Zombies, there are eight different contracts that players can complete to earn rewards, such as XP, Essence, Perks, and more. These contracts are mini-missions that players can undertake while playing Zombies Mode in MW3. Each contract provides a specific task, and upon completion, players receive a reward, often in the form of random items that can aid in killing zombies. Completing contracts is one of the best ways to earn Essence, essential for purchasing aids such as Perks, the mystery box, pack-a-punch, and Field Upgrades.

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Raid Strongholds

There are multiple types of strongholds in MW3 Zombies, including Mercenary Strongholds, Infested Strongholds, and Aether Nests. Mercenary Strongholds require a key to enter, which can be obtained by raiding Mercenary Camps or Convoys or purchased from a Buy Station. These strongholds contain valuable loot and Essence, essential for upgrading weapons and enhancing the gameplay experience.

Legacy Fortress is one of the challenging strongholds in MW3 Zombies, requiring players to acquire a keycard, raid a Mercenary Stronghold, crack open the stronghold safe, and defeat the Legacy Boss. Raiding strongholds and completing contracts are integral to the MW3 Zombies mode, providing players with objectives and rewards to enhance their gameplay experience.

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Complete missions

There is a strong focus on completing missions for special rewards in COD MW3 Zombies, with a mystery reward for completing all three acts and the promise of an ongoing storyline at the launch of the first season.

Push into higher threat levels

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Zombies, players can push into higher threat levels as they progress through the game. The game features three tiers or circles of difficulty, each presenting unique challenges and zombie types:

  1. Low-Threat Zone: Players start in the low-threat zone, where zombies are more idle and easier to kill.
  2. Medium-Threat Zone: Moving inward brings players to the medium-threat level, which introduces various new zombie types and increases difficulty.
  3. High-Threat Zone: The center of the map is a brutal high-threat zone featuring the biggest and most brutal zombie types that will push players to their limits.

As players progress into higher threat levels, they face increasingly challenging gameplay and encounter more formidable zombie types, adding to the intensity and excitement of the MW3 Zombies experience.

Top Tips For Surviving In Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is a massive online multiplayer game with lots of content for you to explore. It’s filled with tons upon tons of missions, quests, PVP, and PVE activities that will take you at least 200 hours to complete. But surviving the Wasteland is no joke, as there are countless beasts lurking around and dangerous radioactive environments to tackle. On top of that, you’re always in a panic to check up on your hunger, thirst, and other needs. If you want to complete that, we will show some important tips that can help you avoid rage-quitting the game and have more fun in the game.

1. Keep Yourself Well Fed And Rich

Satisfying your hunger and thirst will give you bonuses such as disease resistance, AP regen, and more! It is recommended to loot everything from meat and water to junk while traveling. You can craft with these items later on. Visit crafting stations such as workbenches or cooking stations. Here, you can craft items from the junk you’ve collected. In addition, you can sell unwanted junk to vendors to earn more Fallout 76 Caps!

2. Watch Your Weight

Keep an eye on the weight of your character. Carrying too much items can result in your character becoming over-encumbered. Making them move slower and blocking fast travel to other areas. The Stash is found in your CAMP and will have a large carrying capacity. This will allow you to store many items that take up a lot of weight in your inventory. Be sure to visit the CAMP often to frequently free up space in your inventory. Also, your Power Armor will increase the weight of items that you can carry while exploring. Remember to have fusion cores, as Power Armors require these to operate!

3. Use Stimpaks Wisely

The Stimpack Diffuser is a very useful item for restoring health to multiple players at once. You can use the Stimpack Diffuser during combat to create a cloud that regenerates not just your health but also any allies nearby. But getting it is not easy, so beware of suddenly using a Stimpak at times since there is a button that will automatically use a Stimpak. Being careful will minimize the number of Stimpaks you use by accident.

4. Fast Travel When Needed

To fast-travel in Fallout 76, simply open the map and select any location you’ve already visited. Despite not offering a ‘fast travel’ button like other games, selecting any previously visited location should allow you to fast travel there. As mentioned, it’ll cost a handful of Fallout 76 Bottle Caps with the specific price dependent on how far you’re traveling, so it’ll probably be a good idea to use it sparingly – at least while you’re finding your feet in Appalachia.

5. Camp And Crafting

One of the most important aspects of surviving in Appalachia in Fallout 76 is using a CAMP, or Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform. This handy all-in-one tool will let you set up a campsite where you can build all sorts of stations, buildings, and resources. When building in your camp, you will need materials to make some structures. You can gather these resources by going to any workbench and scrapping the junk you’ve found while exploring!

6. Recommended Weapons And Explosives

To be the game’s trailblazer in Fallout 76, you need the best of the best weapons and explosives to beat the odds of survival as a must-have weapon in Fallout 76 is the Handmade rifle. The firearm ranks first for its impeccable damage and solid stats. Moreover, it offers a range of customization, making it the ultimate weapon against deadly enemies. While having a firearm can prove resourceful, having a few explosives for that surprise attack is ideal. If you find yourself in the middle of an ambush attack, Plasma Grenades can get you out of this rut fast enough.

7. Armor Mechanics

Armor is a useful piece of gear when you are out adventuring. They reduce either ballistic-type damage, radiation-type damage, or energy-type damage. Equipping them will make you tougher and let you absorb lots of hits. Also, make sure to have the right armors equipped for the enemies that you will face. For example, wearing leather armor against enemies with laser weapons will negate lots of damage for you. In addition, the condition of armor degrades as it takes more hits and time passes by. When the condition bar is empty, it will break, offering you no damage resistance. Make sure to repair these at armor workbenches!

8. Level Up Faster

One of the first things you may need to do is level up as fast as possible. These will help you equip higher-level Fallout 76 items in the game. Remember, there are a couple of really important things that can really speed up your grind, like intelligence boosts your XP gain; the more intelligence points you have, the higher the XP you get. Having a group allows you to take advantage of the “Inspirational” Perk card under Charisma, giving you a pretty insanely big XP boost. Sleeping for just 30 seconds gives you another 5% XP boost for 2 hours.

9. Level Up Your SPECIAL

In Fallout 76, SPECIAL serves as primary statistics that modify various derived statistics, such as Hit Points or Carry Weight. As SPECIAL goes up, so do these stats. In addition to passively increasing derived statistics, Perk Cards are abilities that you can give to your character after leveling up your SPECIAL attributes. These Perk Cards give you bonuses such as taking less rads, doing more damage with rifles, and more that will help make exploring the Wasteland easier for you!

It ends here. With these tips, you will survive for a long time in Fallout: 76.

Diablo 4: New Class Datamine, Unique Farm Trick, and Expansion Tease

In the world of Diablo 4, there’s always something new and exciting happening. From potential new classes to unique farming tricks, the game constantly evolves and offers players new ways to engage with its rich, dark fantasy world. Let’s delve into some of the latest updates and rumors swirling around in the Diablo 4 community.

New Class Datamine: The Crusader
A recent data mine has hinted at the possibility of introducing a new class to Diablo 4: the Crusader. The data mine revealed two specific nods, ‘skill ancient’ and ‘skill Justice’, that are not part of the current classes in the game. While ‘ancient’ could refer to anything, ‘Justice’ seems to link specifically to the well-known Diablo archetype, the Crusader. This isn’t definitive proof of the Crusader’s return, but it’s an exciting possibility. Especially considering there’s currently only one class in the game that can use a shield, adding another one makes sense.

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Unique Farm Trick: Follow the Rats
A surprising number of players have latched onto a unique farming trick: if there’s a rat in your dungeon, follow it and kill the enemies it runs towards for better loot. While this might seem silly, a surprising number of players seem to genuinely believe that this increases the quality of their loot drops. Whether this is a real trick or just a fun community myth, it’s certainly worth a try if you’re looking for a new way to farm loot.

Expansion Tease: The Book of Lorath
The Diablo Book of Lorath, which was released alongside Diablo 4, may have implications for future expansions. The book documents the journeys of Lorath, who is trying to find Narell after the cathedral turns on the Herodram and takes over the Herodrick Vault. The last known location of Lorath is the northernmost island in Sanctuary, which is notable as being the place where the wizard character in Diablo 3 was from. This could potentially hint at the location for a future expansion.

Warning: Nightmare Dungeons
A word of caution for players exploring nightmare dungeons: the harmless critters that roam these dungeons benefit from the dungeon’s affixes. This means that killing one of these creatures, like a rat or a deer, could trigger a lethal response. So, be aware and try to avoid an untimely death.

Diablo 4 Guide: Exploit the Broken XP & Loot Farm Now

Diablo 4 Guide: Exploit the Broken XP & Loot Farm Now

In Diablo 4, efficient farming of XP and loot is crucial for leveling up and gearing your character. The following guide will give you a detailed introduction to the effective method of obtaining XP and loot in Diablo 4.

The Dungeon: Mall Maul Goin’s Works

The Mall Maul Goin’s Works dungeon, regardless of your world tier or character level, is an excellent location for farming. The dungeon is generated, but it’s known for its high density of mobs, which can be challenging to kill but offer a significant amount of XP and loot.

The Strategy: Kill, Leave, Reset

The strategy is simple: enter the dungeon, kill the packs of mobs, and then leave without completing the dungeon. This method is faster than completing the entire dungeon, as the packs of mobs offer a high amount of XP and loot. After leaving, you can reset the dungeon and repeat the process. In this way, we can get many rewards in the game, including a large amount of Diablo 4 gold, which can help us become stronger.

Solo vs. Group Farming

While this method can be done solo, it’s performed in a group. In a group, you can use a party hopping method to reset the dungeon faster. If you’re solo, you can reset by leaving the dungeon, pressing “leave game,” and waiting for the 10-second timer.

The Build: Shadow Imbuement with Shadow Clone

The build used in the video is a Rogue build with Shadow Imbuement and Shadow Clone. The Shadow Clone provides Unstoppable, which is beneficial when dealing with the large packs of mobs in the dungeon. A link to the detailed build can be found in the video description.

The Loot: Unbelievable Amounts

The high density of mobs in this dungeon leads to many loot drops. While the XP gain might not seem large, considering the character’s level in the video, it’s more efficient than doing nightmare dungeons at the same level.

In conclusion, the Mall Maul Goin’s Works dungeon in Diablo 4 offers a broken method for farming XP and loot. By following the strategy outlined in this guide, you can level up and gear your character.

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Top 4 Side Arm Pitchers In MLB The Show 23

One of the biggest attractions for players in MLB The Show 23 is the ability to build their favorite players and teams using mlb 23 stubs. However, side arm pitchers are not standard in this game. Sidearm pitching is a rare technique that can be difficult to master, but it can be very effective against batters. Below we will introduce the 4 best side arm pitchers for you.

Tyler Rogers

MLB The Show 23: Tyler Rogers
Tyler Rogers

Tyler Rogers is one of the best sidearm pitchers in MLB The Show 23. He is a relief pitcher for the San Francisco Giants with an 83 overall rating, making him one of the top-rated pitchers in the game. Rogers is known for his unique arm angle, which can make it difficult for batters to adjust to his pitches. Overall, Rogers is an excellent option for players looking for a unique challenge and a difficult pitcher to hit.

Adam Cimber

MLB The Show 23: Adam Cimber
Adam Cimber

Adam Cimber is among the best sidearm pitchers in MLB The Show 23. He is a relief pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays with a 77 overall rating, making him a decent option for players looking for a unique challenge. Cimber is known for his unique arm angle, which can make it difficult for batters to adjust to his pitches.

Nick Sandlin

MLB The Show 23: Nick Sandlin
Nick Sandlin

Nick Sandlin is a relief pitcher for the Cleveland Guardians in MLB The Show 23. He has an overall rating of 78, making him a decent option for players looking for a unique challenge. Sandlin is known for his sidearm pitching style, which can make it difficult for batters to adjust to his pitches.

Wyatt Mills

MLB The Show 23: Wyatt Mills
Wyatt Mills

Wyatt Mills is a relief pitcher for the Boston Red Sox in MLB The Show 23. He has an overall rating of 56, making him a low-rated player option. Mills is known for his sidearm pitching style, which can make it difficult for batters to adjust to his pitches.

These are the top 4 sidearm pitchers in MLB The Show 23. Each pitcher has a unique delivery and a set of pitches that make them challenging to hit. Whether you are playing as your favorite team or looking for a challenge, these pitchers will provide an exciting experience.


Top 10 Position Players from MLB The Show 23

Top 10 Catchers from MLB The Show 23