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To improve players’ experience, Blizzard has make some endeavor to serve the players better. First, they have updated the Diablo III Game Guide, which hits all of the basics of Diablo 3. No matter whether you are a new to the Diablo series or a ever-lasting fan, the Game Guide is good for you any way. Refered to the website sentences that We recently updated the Diablo III game guide with tons of information on the gameplay and world of Diablo III-fighting monsters, exploring the realm of Sanctuary, understanding items, and plenty more.See, you will have much more information can refer to later.

Except the thorough Game Guide, Blizzard have been pay much attention on the Battle.net and Diablo III account security. Recently, they make a post in the official website to provide some measures to help players protect themselves against account compromise. They advise players improve their account as well as computer security, and detailed explain the ways for players. The advice they list mainly contain four aspects:Install antivirus and anti-spyware software, Keep your operating system up-to-date, Keep your browser and browser plug-ins up-to-date, and Turn on your browser’s phishing filter.

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