Dragon Knight online: Is this worth your time?

So since I haven’t really seen any proper detailed review or thoughts on the game that can give people a good idea of what the game basically is, I thought I would do just that to give those people an idea if your still pondering on “is this even worth trying?”.

The customization is really basic for this game, I was originally hoping it would have more as we come closer to 2013 but I should really start remembering that not all company’s have the funds to make everything as great as possible, leading from customization of characters to the texturing of the game world.

So anyway what we have is simply 4 things to work from, 5 selections of faces, 5 hair styles and 3 colours to them, 5 accessory’s and 5 face decorations¬†(which seems to be some random face paint) and lastly you can choose from 3 different colours for your starter armour, also at the top right you can preview your future armours which seems to be an every 10 levels thing into which they change appearance.

So from what the game really has to offer in terms of PvE so far is all quite basic, it’s simply a pick quest up from y NPC, kill x mobs required for the quest/kill mobs for x item and hand it back to y npc (as you can see in the screenshot at the right hand side of the screen), since the quests wasn’t overly difficult I didn’t really mind doing them too much, what kept me interested to some degree was how you could build your characters skills since there’s 2 trees you can go down and you’re not limited to 1, e.g for the sorcerer it’s more of a Fire tree and an Ice tree (though the skills in each of them arn’t just limited to fire and ice skills only) and in order to unlock the next tier of skills below you would have to spend x amount of points in the tier above first, also from what I’ve heard is that when you fully complete 1 tree you will unlock a new one (may need confirmation but it looks that way anyway).

I did like the idea that you got some AoE skills to play around with when you eventually unlocked them as it made the game more fun to play when you could finally start gathering mobs and just blasting them with AoEs, which of course made the questing faster and grinding for exp much easier as well.