You guys have me leaning towards hero right now

You guys have me leaning towards hero right now. The only reason I kinda said they’re similar is because all 3 of them share a buff that makes them 1v1 with all the skills. As a hero you can use a 1h/2h sword/axe right? What’s the best setup? And wow thanks for pointing out the 150 hyper. MapleStory Powerleveling. I really like actually having to do something or timing buffs properly instead of just hitting a button so that also is a plus for me, and I won’t be doing much status heavy bosses until at least 170 anyways.

Most classes have 3 skill types in fourth job for killing things:

Ultimate (Large AOE)

Heroes only have Raging Blow, which they use for 1v1 (with enrage) and mobbing (without), they also lack a true ‘ultimate’. MapleStory Mesos. So whereas most classes switch between them, Heroes just use a skill to change their attack from a 1v1 to a mobbing attack.

OT: Make the Hero, the gap in status resist is much smaller when you realize that the lvl 150 hyperskill for heroes grants 100% status resistance for 30 seconds, in most bossing scenarios timing this properly is much more effective than relying on a flat 70% rate. (Mulung Dojo comes to mind)

The only problem is Heroes require a lot of SP and hyperskills to reach their full potential interms of dpm, so Mihiles will do more damage in the short run I believe.