Analysis of Abolisher Class in ArcheAge

Abolisher (Battlerage + Defense + Auramancy) is the most popular melee class in ArcheAge online game, but not every abolisher feel this class is very powerful you need know.

archeage abolisher

Yes, the melee king of Abolisher has quite a strong ability, however, due to restrictions by the skill points, you will meet the problem how to choose the skill to learn in leveling, dungeons and PVP. For example, as the output is not high, main rely on the strong of control skills to win in the combat, but you also take into account the passive skills, so you always need wait the recovery of CD after cast a round of skills in farming mobs. Of course, this problem can be get some improvement by pet-assisted way, but when you want to PVP, main need the control and anti-control of skills, the output becomes less important, so you need reset your skills points and improve your skill level. It is very painful thing for it, and difficult to achieve a perfect balance.

For equipment, choose the heavy armor first, but only have physic defense without any magic defense. This setting is completely beyond our cognitive for the equipment of previous game (light armor with high magic defense and low physic defense, medium armor with relative average magic defense and physic defense, heavy armor with high physic defense and low magic defense). So if you choose the Abolisher, make sure you have much ArcheAge Gold in the game, otherwise, do you want to prepare a light armors to join PVP?

Summary: For Abolisher, definitely is not a good choice for normal ArcheAge players for leveling, farm dungeons and PVP. If you have enough ArcheAge gold for reset your skill points and equipment, personally do not recommend to play Abolisher class in ArcheAge online game.

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