How To Get More Virtual Currency In NBA 2K23?

How To Get More Virtual Currency In NBA 2K23?

Virtual Currency is the same currency as 2K23 MT in NBA 2K23. A lot of game currency is needed in game modes such as MyCareer and MyTeam. So how do we get more Virtual Currency?

Virtual Currency is a currency in NBA 2K23 that can be used in every game mode in the game. Experienced players will know the value of this currency. This is because it is hard to swipe, but easy to consume.

What is Virtual Currency good for?

Virtual Currency can be used to improve player ratings and can also be used to purchase items. It is possible to customize your player’s clothes and profile, or you can use Virtual Currency to buy animations for your player.

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The best way to get Virtual Currency

The best way to get Virtual Currency is to play MyCareer mode. The amount of Virtual Currency you get when you first start playing MyCareer mode is still relatively low, but that will change once you get to about 10 games in the regular season.

If you know how to get endorsement contracts, you can speed things up. These deals enable you to earn more Virtual Currency per game. based on incentives and event bonuses, there is no doubt that MyCareer offers the most Virtual Currency. the faster you unlock these endorsement deals, the faster you can earn more Virtual Currency.

You can also earn Virtual Currency through tasks. mainly your daily and weekly newspapers. If you want to be casual, then focus on completing the tasks associated with the game mode.

Getting Virtual Currency in other modes

You can also earn Virtual Currency in MyLeague, MyGM, and Quick Play. 12 minutes of play per quarter will earn you at least 1000 Virtual Currency. The amount of Virtual Currency you earn will be adjusted accordingly based on the time you play before the simulation.

When you play regular NBA games in other game modes, you need to play the entire quarter to earn your VC. in MyCareer, you simulate the time you spend sitting on the bench. If you add them all up, you will save a lot of time.

Other ways to get Virtual Currency

In addition to the methods above, there are many other ways to get Virtual Currency in NBA 2K23. Although these methods don’t get much currency, they are still important.

  • Answer the questions on the NBA 2K TV loading screen to get Venture Capital. Answering these questions correctly will give you 100-200 Virtual Currency.
  • You will be able to spin the wheel for some rewards as you explore Cancha Del Mar.
  • Purchase Virtual Currency.

When you enter NBA 2K23 you can use these methods above to get in-game currency, and while many methods don’t pay off much, this is still a great addition for us.