NBA 2K21: Some Tips and Tricks to Improve Dribbling Moves

Dribbling is one of the harder skills to master in NBA 2K21. So, in this guide, we bring you everything you need to know about dribbling moves to help you improve your dribbling ability in NBA 2K21.

Dribble Moves

How To Unlock Dribble Moves In NBA 2K21?

You will have no Dribble Moves when you start. You’ll need to buy Dribble Moves from the Animation Store with NBA 2K21 MT Coins or VC. As you level up, you will unlock more Dribble Moves for purchase.

Best Settings For Dribble Moves

The first thing we want to show you is the settings, because there are some crucial settings like the pro stick orientation, that you want to make sure is on absolute. It’s a little bit confusing to explain, but just that all your dream moves work like showing on the below screenshot, make sure that this is on absolute. It might default to absolute but in the past, it used to just start on camera relative.

How to Change Dribble Moves in NBA 2K21?

Below you will find how to change Dribble Moves in NBA 2K21.

1. Access The MyPLAYER Animations Menu

1). To access your animations you need to first access the MyPLAYER Appearance tab from the options screen.
2). From here select the My Animations menu from the navigation screen.
3). Select this option to be taken to a new screen with a slew of animation options you can change.

2. Change Your Dribble Moves on the My Animations Screen

1). When you arrive on the My Animations screen you will be greeted by several options.
2). Dribble Moves is the second option on the screen and it is what we want to change.
3). To change your Dribble Moves, select the type you want to change and set a new move.
4). Once you’ve activated new moves you can then use these moves during games.

NBA 2K21 Must-Know Dribble Moves for Beginners

Here are a few must-know beginner dribble moves to help beat defenders off the dribble in NBA 2K21.

1. Retreat Spin Move

To perform the retreat spin move, swing the right stick from your off-ball hand around the bottom to your ball hand while driving. Immediately after, aim the left stick towards your player’s back. The positions on this will depend on where he’s at on the court. This move acts as a nice counter against defenders who sell out thinking the ball handler will spin in the opposite direction. All the while you’re setting up a wide-open shot or an easy drive the other way.

2. Explosive Behind the Back

Now, to do an explosive behind the back dribble, aim the right stick down and to the side of the off-ball hand. Do this while aiming the left stick up and to the same side your off-ball hand is on. This is deadly because of the simple fact you can perform this from a standstill position.

3. Stepback

One of the most important dribble moves to utilize when playing aggressive defenders is the stepback. To perform a step back you hold the right trigger on your controller and flick the right stick down. This is effective most when used after the defender has nearly or completely stopped the drive. It also works well against defenders playing super close. Pulling off a successful stepback provides much-needed spacing by opening up a possible shot opportunity or drive with the increased driving angles.

4. Behind The Back Escape Dribble

This move is done by holding the right stick down and towards your off-ball hand. Any major ball handler in NBA 2K21 must have this move in their bag of tricks.

NBA 2K21: Tips to Improve Dribbling Moves

Here’s all that you need to know about dribbling tips, including build setup, badges to equip, etc.

NBA 2K21 Dribbling Moves

1. Mastering the fundamentals dribbling moves

Dribbling in NBA 2K21 is more advanced than ever. The advanced pro-stick dribbling mechanisms are a great place for many casual players to start. If you can master the fundamentals of dribbling moves, you’ll become a great dribbler quickly.

2. Dribbling starts from the build

To be a good dribbler in NBA 2K21, having a high ball-handle rating of at least 80 is arguably the most important first step. The easiest way to set this up is to select a pie chart with playmaking abilities (yellow) as one of the main attributes. Not only will this give your player a high ball-handle rating to start with, but it can also give you the option to have Hall of Fame-grade playmaking badges once your player is fully upgraded.

3. Best badges for a dribbling build

Equipping your player with the right badges is the last important feature and one that can separate the average dibblers from great ones.

So, these are the best playmaking badges that we recommend:

• Quick First Step
• Tight Handles
• Unpluckable
• Handles for Days

4. Being able to Speed Boost is key

Speed Boost is another main feature that all great dribblers have in NBA 2K21. Not only does this make your player a lot harder to guard one-on-one, but it helps to create the double team and odd-man situations. To use the Speed Boost ability, your MyPlayer build needs to have an 80 or better ball-handle rating.

5. Making use of the Dribble Packages

Dribble packages are another key component that many 2K players equip to elevate their game to the next level. As with the Speed Boost, the basic requirement to unlock the pro-dribble moves is having a ball handle of 80.

6. Types of Dribble Packages

NBA 2K21 offers a wide array of Dribble Packages. Players have the ability to choose from styles for different positions, to unique styles that replicate those of the greatest NBA ball-handlers of all time, such as Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, Steph Curry, and James Harden.

Now get out there and show off your dribbling moves! Also, check out more NBA 2K21 Guide on U4GM.COM, you can also buy cheap NBA 2K21 MT here!