Making WOW Classic Gold Interacting with others

So you have all those items and you have no clue what to do with them? You could put the item in trade channel ( /2 then shift+click the item ) or you could put it in the auction house. For example, you could sell Moss Agate for 1 WOW Classic gold USA in the auction house when it may only fetch offers of as low as 20 silver when putting up in general chat!

  1. Other players are a great way to sell items. Whether you’re putting it up for trade in the auction house or you are selling it through the trade channel you’re getting more then you would get from an NPC
  2. When selling to another player be kind and courteous, accept all offers and if it isn’t high enough don’t be a jerk kindly say no and ask if they could go any higher. Remember your job is to sell your product when you want to sell a car would you be a jerk to the buyer?
  3. When using the auction house make sure you list your items at a time of day where there is a lot of traffic! Don’t list an item at 3 am and have it end at 11 am! If you’re going to only have time to list items in the early morning make sure you do longer auctions so you get the traffic you deserve!
  4. Start it at a good price so it can get into a bidding war! Start it at the minimum you would get from a vendor (Usually will do that for you).
  5. Do a little market research before you post your item! If you see there are a lot of them maybe you should hold off a little while before you put the item up for grabs!