MapleStory 2: Have A Look At The Crafting Maids System

It’s well known that MapleStory 2 is a highly-anticipated game worldwide, developed by Nexon a famous Korean company.

Crafting System is very unique in Maplestory 2 since characters don’t have any living skills. Players have to talk with maid NPCs to craft rings, necklace, potion and more. The crafting maid system plays a significant role in shaping and improving your gameplay experience in game. There are 5 types of crafting maids: Alchemist, Beverage Maker, Chef, Ring Production and Necklace Production.

Crafting Maids are furniture items, so you need to have a house to place them, and you can only active 2 crafting maids at the same time. The higher grade crafting maid have better values for exp gained per craft and triggering chance. Now you can check out some crafting maids below.


Beverage Maker


Ring Production

Necklace Production

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